May 21st, 2012

My body is going to hate me for a while...

That's okay though. It felt really good to get outside today, even if was only to my back yard.

I decided that today was the day that I was going to start on the landscaping project I've had in my head since we moved in here in March. I went down and took a few "before" pics, just to give people (and myself) an idea of how much work I have and will be putting into that damned yard.

I started at the left walkway that is immediately out the door. I'm kinda OCD, so I was a little all over the place and kept bouncing from one area to another. It's all good though, ALL of it needs to be done anyways. I think that the pulling and hacking is the fun part. I'm not looking forward to the not-so-fun part of having to clean up all the shrubbery and somehow manage to fit it into the compost bin that is already overflowing.

One cool thing that keeps happening back there is that I am finding little garden figurines and I found a freaking pathway that kinda cuts the yard in half. The shrubs are so overgrown that they completely covered the stone path.

As I was out there hacking and yanking away, one of the neighbours came down to throw out his compost. I hadn't met him before, but he lives in the other apartment on our floor and his name is Mike. Seems like a cool enough guy. He lived here before the property mgmt company bought it and said that the previous owner had kept the back yard immaculate. I guess it was his hobby. I can tell that things had been properly manicured, but this new company could give a shit less if people use or like the yard at all.

I guess this project is so important to me because I feel like having a yard here is really something that is coveted. This city is SO compact, having any outdoor space designated to you is almost like gold around here. Living at my last place in the Mission, our living room looked out over a back patio that only the downstairs neighbour had access to. Mark's old place has a WONDERFUL back patio area, so we got a little spoiled being there. I'm really determined to make it a wonderful place here.

My mobility is beginning to be affected more seriously by my health. I have oxygen that I take with me almost everywhere, and I wear it around the house when I feel crappy (which is a lot). It has begun to help with the soreness I feel in my chest, and only partially with my muscles.

I think that it's because of the fact that it is getting harder and more tedious for me to get around that I want to make my home really comfortable and have a really zen outdoor space. This is why I killed my hands and back with all the bending and pulling today. I had to force myself to come inside because I really wanted to keep working. If I would have done that, I wouldn't be able to type this right now. My hands are a bit swollen and my back still hurts, but I still want to go out there tomorrow regardless.

I'm happy that I'm finally motivated to do something productive with all the time I have. Mark was really happy that I got outside too. I let depression overcome me a lot and I shut myself down most days.

He's leaving for L.A. this coming Sunday for work. I'll be home alone for the first week and then I get to drive down to L.A. and stay with him for the last week. We are going to drive back up the coast together and do some exploring. I'm hoping that my health can handle it. I feel pretty confident though, now that I have oxygen.

I think that this gardening thing is a hobby that is long overdue. I don't get excited about much anymore and it really feels good to be this motivated about something, even if that something is pretty mundane.

My yard pics are up on the flickr account here:

Good night all :-)


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