September 12th, 2010

Sunday, 09/12/2010

So, I guess I've been on hiatus these past nine months. I have so much shit to write about, I scarcely know where to begin.

I guess I could go back to January, where things kinda left off. At that point in my life, I was still living in the loft with my BF Jacob. Seems like a lifetime ago now. We had broken up and things had become unbearable between us. I ended up moving into an apartment in Uptown by myself in April. I still talked to Jacob eventually, and we even attempted to get back together in June of this year but just realized that we are only meant to be friends.

Things went sour at that apartment and I moved into a place in Loring Park in Downtown Minneapolis. I've been there since July and love it. When I moved here 10 years ago, Loring Park was where I first lived. It's like I've come full circle, back where I started.

Unfortunately, I am just now getting around to doing the things I should have been doing ten years ago, such as school. But, I will say this: I wouldn't exchange any of the life lessons or experience I have learned within that time for anything. As supremely shitty as some of those lessons have been, I must have needed to learn them and learn them the hard way, as I usually do.

As I mentioned, I am in school again. I have always and forever wanted to be an Archaeologist and wanted to learn as much as I could about Anthropology, so it only seems natural now that I attempt to get a degree in that field. I started classes at MCTC in August. I know that I will probably be in school for what's left of my life and I am okay with that.

Being single again is kinda strange. I have a completely different mindset then I did when I was younger. This is a good thing. I've been going out more and have met quite a few new peoples. The majority of them are cool, but there are a few tools in the bag as well.

I even started dating again. I've met some pretty nice guys and they are fun to be around, but school and my health take precedent over anything in my immediate path. My last relationship really pulled me through the wringer and I'm not sure how I feel about jumping back into anything with anyone. Not that I don't think about it or want to, just have too many precautions in my head at the moment.

I went to the first week of school, but then it just got too difficult to breathe. I went to clinic and my numbers are the lowest they have been in over two years. I was just in the hospital in June but there was so much drama going on in my life that I didn't get as healthy as I normally would have. I'm afraid that I may have done some serious irreversible damage.

So, here I sit. I am well enough to go home on IVs, but there is an issue with one of my insurance carriers and it happens to be the one that pays for the meds at home. I'm pretty much stuck in the hospital until my case becomes active again, which better be Monday afternoon. I'm afraid that if I don't get activated by Friday, I may have to go AMA. I have to work Saturday morning and can't really afford to miss anymore work than I already have. I can't really afford to miss anymore classes than I already have either, but classes aren't paying my rent at the moment.

I am truly blessed to have the friends that I do. I have had numerous visitors and they have made my stay seem shorter than it has been. One of my new friends was sweet enough to load my computer up with some movies so that I won't be bored. I also have access to my Netflix account, so I am never without something to view up here. I also have homework, books to read, and journaling to do.

I've met a few new Cfers up here as well. Crystal is 23 and I had met her the last time I was here. She's really sweet and having a tough time going through a divorce.

Then there's Orion, who is 33 and works as a corrections officer. He's lived here most of his life and his Cf is so mild that he rarely has to tell anyone that he has it. :-)

And then there's Rose. Rose is AWESOME. I love this woman, I swear. She is 47 and from Brookings, SD. She has Ototoxicity, therefore she has her trusty Mastiff, Wellington, with her at all times. Welly is the sweetest service dog ever. She's HUGE, I mean MASSIVE, 160lbs. I love that Rose has this wonderful attitude and I truly believe that it is what has kept her alive this long. She has a wonderful husband who drives all the way here to visit her, and she also has a son. I haven't met many Cfers with children, as it is somewhat difficult for us to have kids.

This hospital stay has been better than most. I have a small room with a great view, and there are all the usual complaints, but I actually don't feel so alone up here after having met the others. We aren't really supposed to have close physical contact, but as long as we are careful, we can be around each other as much as we like, just like "normal" people.

I can't wait to get the hell out of here and get back to my life. I have tons of stuff that I need to get done. I also keep buying shit. I swear to the gods, I almost bought a damned car online. I've already bought a new phone, some clothes, a new flask, and a new comforter set for the bed. I'm probably forgetting something, I don't know. It's gonna be like Christmas when I get home.

There are new movies out that I actually want to see. They've remade a movie that was perfectly awesome as it was (Let The Right One In) and named it "Let Me In". I'm curious to see how "Americanized" it is. I also want to see "Machete" and have a date set up already to see it. We went to see "Piranha" in 3D and it was gory goodness. My favourite so far this year.

I'm starting to ramble, which means I need to get off the damned computer before I start writing things I don't need to disclose. Goodnight all, it feels good to be back again. :-)

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