January 15th, 2010

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I've been doing a lot of reading as of late. I'm really getting back into Archaeology and Anthropology, so I've been reading Graham Hancock and Erich von Daniken. I like Hancock a lot because he basically tells it like it is. He doesn't embellish or sugar-coat, or have bias of his own opinions, he just puts the info out there and lets the reader decide for themselves.

I've also been ordering a lot of crap from Amazon, which has made getting the mail more interesting. It's like Christmas everyday! Sometimes I even forget that I've ordered something until it comes.

I am sick of winter. I HATE Minnesota. I seriously wish I didn't have to be here. The only thing keeping me here is my medical team at the hospital. Once I get transplanted (if the fates allow), I'm fucking OUTTA HERE! Medications can follow you almost anywhere, teams of medical professionals that you've known a long time that you trust to saw you in half and give you new life can't. Call me bias, but the U of M has a pretty good track record at helping us CFers make it to middle-age.

I'm seriously hoping that the worst of the winter weather is over. This -20F (-30+C) bullshit is more than I can handle, especially since I have to walk to and from work. That shit sucks. Don't get me wrong, I love Minneapolis, it's the cold that I hate. Maybe I'll just go south for the winter like the birds do.