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Wowsers. Today has been a REALLY long day for me. It is pretty rare that I am out of the house for longer than a few hours, so being out of house for seven hours was a doozy!

I'm okay with it though. Mark and I headed to Marin for a while. We stopped and got some Mexican foods (Flautas!) and then had to head back to the city for my 2pm appt for massage. It was the first professional massage that I have had in YEARS. I went to see a student, her name is Heather, and she is WONDERFUL, and super sweet too. We hit it off right away. She went easy on me and thankfully so. I almost fell asleep on the table. I left there feeling totally relaxed and calm and just happy over-all. I was happy about how I felt, I was happy about meeting a really good MT that turned out NOT to be a horror story, and I was super happy about having another appt booked for next week.

I know that it will take a few sessions to get me feeling good and having less pain. She released so many toxins back into my system that I have been feeling dizzy/light-headed, and feeling like I need to vomit. That's one way of knowing that she a good MT! lol

I haven't written in here for quite a while. I'm not sure why. There have been a few occurrences but nothing outrageous. Mark had to go to work in L.A. for 12 days at the beginning of the month, so his wonderful supermom Fina came to stay with me during that time. She is such a sweet, wonderful lady, I couldn't have asked for a better companion for that time. We went shopping up the street and she bought me a shirt, and she even convinced me to buy a maxi-dress. My first ever. I am very happy with it. :)

As far as my health is going, I'm still breathing. I have pleuritic pain every day now. At least I think it's pleurisy. Sometimes I get really stabby pains that feel like they are deeper, like inside my lung. I just say that it feels like my lungs are dying a slow death.

I was having small bouts of hemoptysis at night, usually right after I lay down to go to sleep (I always have a coughing fit when I try to lay flat, this triggers the bleed). I decided to stop doing my Pulmozyme inhaled med at night, to see if it was the catalyst. Sure enough, no more night bleeds. But also, no more 2 doses of a mucolytic a day to help thin the mucous.

I had a clinic visit with the transplant team. I just need to see a Dentist (which I have scheduled for later this week) and that should be all they need from me at this time. After that, they review my case and decide whether or not we will go forward with the transplant. At that time, if they decide yes, I will meet with the Live trans team and be evaluated by them. I'll do whatever tests they need me to do, and possibly a liver biopsy, and then hopefully they will concur with lung docs and I will be RE-LISTED FOR TRANSPLANT! All my appendages are crossed, but I honestly think I got this. :D

I've been doing a lot more crochet as of late. I learned a very valuable lesson about the types of yarn you use. I have decided that I will not use anything that I wouldn't want for myself. I have an empty Etsy store that is just waiting for stuff, so I am being a busy bee and trying to get things made! It's funny, I opened the Etsy store in January 2012 and never did anything with it. Now, since Mark's mom was here, I have really been focused on making things that are really nice and actually USEABLE. I'm also looking into doing Amigurumi (Japanese for "small toy"). My mind just runs with it when I get on the subject of crochet.

Mark and Luna have been well. Bloons is always a treasure, I can't even imagine my life before we got her. She does some of the smartest things I've seen a dog do, and then she follows it up with some of the stupidest shit I've seen a dog do. She is usually hours of entertainment.

After my massage today, Mark and I went over to his brother's house to visit with him and his fiance. We stayed for a few hours and had some really great conversation. It was really fun and I hadn't seen them in a while.

I'm still feeling nauseous and am wondering if I should even attempt to eat, since I am hungry. I worry about the vomiting thing though.

Well, I am off for now. Hopefully next time I won't wait so long between posts. Love to you all. <3


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