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A bunch of sickos around here

My title might be a little misleading. lol. It seems both Luna and Mark have colds. Well, Mark more than likely has a cold and is doing his best to stay away from me as to not spread the ickies to me.

Luna had a vet appointment today. I am SO proud of her, she is one tough little cookie (like her momma!). She got her final PARVO booster and her Rabies shots today. I have noticed for about the last month or so that she has this strange cough/hack thing that she does every once in a while. I noticed that she was doing it more when she exerted herself or when she would eat or drink.

I seriously worried that she might have what's called "collapsing trachea", it's very common in smaller breeds. I also thought that she might have kennel cough, but thought that would be strange since she has been vaccinated against it, and is rarely outdoors, let alone around other dogs.

The vet checked her out and said that her trachea seems to be fully intact, so that was a relief, and the cough may just be a cold or allergies. She said I could give her a little bit of baby Benadryl if it gets noticeably worse, or I could also give her some baby cold medicine. I just have to keep an eye on her to make sure that she doesn't get worse. My little trooper.

I had a pretty good day today. The weather wasn't that bad, just a little windy. Luna has a new harness (having the leash connected to her collar can cause her trachea to collapse and I'm trying to avoid that), and she's doing really well walking on a leash. She just needs to get used to being around other dogs.

I shit you not, she is my little guardian to a T. We were waiting to be seen and there was a little Chihuahua that wanted to come over and visit and Luna wasn't having it. She started growling and did a really quiet bark. She's super protective of me. So, I had to get on the floor and approach the Chihuahua myself and show Luna that it's okay to make new friends. When we were checking out, a HUGE German Shepard came out of a room and walked passed us and sat by his owner. Little Luna started growling at this horse of a dog that could literally swallow her whole in one shot. I just laughed.

I was supposed to grocery shop today, but after the vet, neither Mark nor I were feeling up to doing it. He's been super tired because of his ickies, so we just came home and rested.

Not a super exciting adventure today, but I felt like sharing a story about my super cool dog. :)


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